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LOCAL 2692

Cupe Local 2692 represents almost 600 food service workers at the the University of Western Ontario. This Local was first established in 1982 and has continued to grow in strength and numbers. Our Food Service Workers do a variety of work all around campus. We are 4 units working under one umbrella. Our units are Residence Operations, Cash Operations, Great Hall Catering, and Spencer. Until March 21, 2011, our local represented 2 main groups of food service workers: A-group, people who work 12 months a year; and B-group, people who work 8 months (an academic year). On March 21, 2011 we were successful in organizing a third group of workers referred to as C-group, people who work less than 24 hours/week and only 8 months a year. Organizing this group was a significant move on the part of our local and almost doubled the number of our membership.


2013-2015 Executive Officers:


President:  Cindy Morton -Cesarone

Vice President:   Margie Wilkins

Chief Steward:    Chris McNeil

Recording Secretary:  Cheryl Senay

Treasurer:   Cathy Mclean

Sgt. at Arms:  Nicole Prendergast